Day 153 - The Final Reflection

Today in WHAP (or rather several days ago) we had our last class.

So to start this reflection off I'm basically going to go over my personal feelings about the class.

For starters, lets go from an academic standpoint. Right from the first day, WHAP is probably going to seem scary. You're going to roll up to class, and Mr. Profitt is going to show you some musty image of someone getting sprayed with a fire house, because it's so much information. Sure, their is a lot to learn, but it's really not that bad.

And that's kinda what you need to keep in mind in this class. You're going to get some low quiz grades, but there are so many that it will eventually balance out. You may get some bad mastery grades, but with revisions you'll make it an acceptable grade. Same thing with the information; if you kinda stay on top of things it won't be that bad.

That's my feeling on this class; I think it was a difficult class but I wouldn't say it's impossibl…

Day 152 - Collegeboard... You WOULD

Today in WHAP we did... nothing.